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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

D335 Update.

Hello again.

Sorry for lack of reports for last couple of weeks its been a hectic couple of weeks for me. 

Today I and Seton have carried out some work on D335 ready for the weekend. I began some of the work and Saturday and got it finished off today.

1)    Wheel slip indicator light fault, after some tracing through we found the fault to be No.1 end multiple working jumper cable  wire 21 within the cable of socket end is life expired or dirty soldered contacts are causing tracking across the socket. For now the wire has been disconnected from the cab gate and taped up.
2)    No.1 end bogie proportional valve slow release, fault traced to blocked up ports within relay valve manifold, these have been cleared for now but the manifold needs to be removed and cleaned out as there’s still rust inside which will probably cause issues in the future. This will need to be dealt with before loco moves on national network to the wheel lathe, hopefully in October.
3)    No.1 end bogie straight air brake proportional valve, this valve again gave trouble during 1T57 gala, after stripping again it was found that signal ports where obstructed with rust as per item 2 and will require the same treatment.
4)    No.1 end driver’s door which kept jamming shut has been dealt with today now opens and closes easily thanks to Seton’s efforts.
5)    Loco has been serviced ready for Saturday.

Andy Hardman’s Saturday gang are on with painting No.2 cab at present and doing a sterling job to, already looks cleaner and brighter.

Huge thanks to Seton Spencer for travelling down from Edinburgh to assist me with the work. 

If your not aware D335 is booked to work this weekend in lieu of 345 which was penciled in originally for its return to service. The tyre profiles have been checked again and I have given the green light on the loco's use providing that use is restricted and a re-check of the profiles is made regularly. 

Further to this D335 will be working our second diesel hauled dining training on 27th September 2013 use link details below for further details on this special working. 

CFPS website:

I will post an update on 345 to follow shortly.



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