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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

345 Update

Evening All.

Here is an update with work ongoing on 345.

Firstly Colchester fuel injection reported that all 16 fuel pumps from 345's engine were worn out and required mainly new pump elements to be installed and 3 new delivery valves.

It was a relief that they found these issues with the pumps which is likely cause of the low horsepower issue we have experienced during recent load bank trials.

We expect the pumps and injectors will be returned to us within next week or so, however the cost of overhauling the pumps and testing the injectors is in the region of £5000 that we need to find. So if you can spare a few quid please donate it to our loco fund as it would help us out greatly and would be very much appreciated.

Our preservation officer James Bottomley found a fractured bedplate drain pipe which was causing leakage of oil and fuel onto the bogies, this pipe has been re-welded and now free of leaks. Thanks James for sorting this out.


The GSMR system has now been fully approved by the ORR (Office of Rail Regulator) which means the loco once full re-certification is granted to run on Network Rail the loco is free to operate in GSMR and non GSMR area's.

A new software update has also been installed to the system in last few days.

The next step.....

Once the pumps and injectors arrive back we shall arrange a working party to re-fit them, run loco up and check for any fuel leaks, check each cylinder is firing etc;

We will then book a further load bank trial with HNRC to check the engine output and re-check engine is cooling correctly. We also need to check traction motor overloads and power earth fault circuits are working as per specification to ensure 345's major electrical equipment is protected.

I suspect when the loco is first load banked its likely that it will be producing too much power and will need to be adjusted down to 1780 HP at the rail as per specification in BR workshop overhaul manual.

Once we are happy with the results we will conclude final exam items and then book for the mainline registration exam to be undertaken and any subsequent corrective actions are completed.

More news soon.....



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