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Friday, 27 September 2013

D335 and 345 Update

Hello All

Sorry its been a while since my last post this due to pressures of work and trying to take a bit of break from the hectic workload I have.

I am pleased to report of a few developments with both of our loco's.


I am pleased to report that 335 this evening is hauling the second diesel hauled diner and the train is sold out. Both of the diesel diners that have run at the ELR have been a success and will be repeated again next year with 345 at the helm.

The loco will also be working a couple of services this weekend see the ELR website for details. This will be 335 definite last working until  tyre turning is completed.

There is currently plans a foot to haul 335 for tyre turning in the next few weeks and I will advise you all when these are firmed up.

D335 steam heat generator is currently out of commission awaiting some modifications to satisfy the railways insurance company. The mods will be high on the priority list once tyre turning has been completed.


Since my last post the pumps and injectors have returned from Colchester fuel injection and we managed to raise the funds needed to pay them but only just. I would like to thank all who dug into their pockets to assist us with the cost of overhaul of these parts.

Over last couple of weekends and some late night working by James Bottomley the pumps and injectors have now been refitted to the power unit. The low water level switch has been refitted and system has been refilled with coolant.

The next phase is load bank the power unit again and set up load control system to gain the correct horsepower output. We may have to wait a week or two for this to happen due to the workload at Harry Needles workshop. As ever we are very grateful for Harry and his staff for their continued support to the CFPS.

I would also like to thank Mark Jopson ,John Stephens and James Bottomley for their valued help to refit the parts back on the power unit.

Once load banking is completed and we are happy with the loco, we shall seek to regain re-certification for mainline running which should take a couple of weeks to complete.

Her first job will be to haul 335 to the wheel lathe as both locomotives require tyre turning which is our next major expense and is projected to cost around £10K inclusive of movement costs.

Sales Stands and annual raffle.

The CFPS this weekend have two sales stands at two different locations, these being the ELR Diesel Gala and Barrowhill for their Model railway exhibition.

The annual CFPS raffle will also be drawn at the ELR on Sunday 29th 2013.

If your attending any of these events please do come and have a mooch at our stand and say hello. Our sales team needs your support to keep these money hungry beasts in good fettle.

I would also like to thank our sales team for their continued efforts in raising the funds we desperately need. Hats off to you good folk!!!

I will post again next week once we have confirmed load bank trials with HNRC.

Cheers Folks


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