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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

CFPS Engineering Update

Hello All.............................

Firstly a huge apology for all who follow our engineering blog for not updating in so long, Other commitments have limited my free time in recent months to keep you up to date.

However with work already started on 40135 repairs and repaint it seemed a good time to start reporting on the progress made which only started today thanks to efforts of Seton Spencer.

Firstly I will give you all a brief run down on work that will be completed on 40135 (D335) over next 12 months with a return to traffic expected to be Autumn diesel gala 2015.

  • Removal of Stones steam generator - for total rewire, corrosion repairs and upgrade of boiler operating controls. 
  • Heavy cleaning and painting of engine room and boiler compartment.
  • Complete fitment of overhauled brake cylinders - 3 units left to fit.
  • Heavy cleaning of under-frame.
  • Heavy clean of main and auxiliary generator, overhaul brush gear on aux gen. 
  • Heavy cleaning and replace worn out brush gear and re-anti track paint traction motors 1 to 5. 
  • Sort out various minor coolant, fuel and oil leak  and C exam. 
  • Remove and re-seal cab windows and body side windows.
  • Corrosion repairs as required to body.
  • Renew cab floors both cabs and new floor vinyl added & new trim. 
  • Repaint body - BR Green - full yellow ends.
  • Refit and certify stones steam generator for 2015 winter season. 
As you can see there's quite a bit to achieve so if you can help us please get in touch by emailing me at 

Today Seton has got us to a flying start by unbolting boiler room roof, disconnecting boiler ready for lifting out and removing auxiliary generator brush gear for overhaul. Thanks Seton!!

I will post out a list of working dates concentrating on D335 over next day or so. 

A quick update on 345.

Loco performed very well at last weeks gala - it was noted that field diverts and general load control system is working much better after recent re-bushing of operating linkage between the power piston, governor and load regulator cam switches. There is some minor adjustments to be made to get field diverts coming in at correct speed and increase horsepower slightly. 

There will be also a couple of working dates on 345 to prepare her for next mainline outing in November. 



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