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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Working Day 25/10/2014

Hello again ......................................

Another productive day by the CFPS engineering team today on both loco's. 

Firstly 345 (40145) has today received its annual safety inspection and passed with no major issues. This inspection is necessary to ensure that the locomotive is fit for service at the time of inspection for continued use on Network Rail lines. 

As 345 is classed as an Heritage Locomotive with derogations granted to make loco exempt from some of the new railway group standards the loco must receive this inspection either annually or at 15'000 miles which ever comes first. 

The inspection is undertaken by an external accredited Vehicle Acceptance Body under contract by the CFPS. 

In basic terms its an MOT just like your car! 

I am also pleased to report that the coolant pre-heater on 345 has now been commissioned. The system was trialled for 7 hours yesterday and the engine block got warm enough to open the radiator thermostats which is around the 60 degree C mark. 

The last phase will be fitted this week coming is a timer function so it can be programmed to come on like your heating at home. There will be a Frost Stat function which will also automatically switch the pre-heater on if temperature fall below 4 degrees C. 

345 will be prepared for upcoming Compass Tours trip from Southport to York / Saltburn on November 29th 2014.  This will take place on Saturday's 1st & 22nd this will include the annual maintenance exam.


Whilst I was attending to the inspection on 345 the rest of the team was getting stuck into lifting the boiler room roof section off and craning out the stones steam generator out for refurbishment. 

Once this was completed the gang then removed the chequer plate floor from the boiler area for de-greasing and steam cleaning and steam cleaning the boiler compartment and all the pipe work from under the floor. 

There's still plenty of cleaning and painting still to do. Here are a few photo's from today's activities.

James gets to grips with 30 years of dirt and Grime with the pressure washer!

Floor plates after a good cleaning 

Front view of the Stones Steam Boiler

The gang get on with sealing boiler exhaust outlet before roof section is refitted.

Stones Steam generator after removal and cleaning 

Dave Greenwood gives the boiler a good clean off with pressure washer.

The next working dates will be as follows:

Saturday 1st November 2014 - 335 & 345 (Tour prep)
Saturday 22nd November 2014 - 345 (Tour Prep and exam)

If you wish to help please contact me by email on your more than welcome to come and join us and help us keep two pieces of English Electric & British Rail history alive. 

Alternatively we are seeking helpers to assist us with re-locating our vehicle parts stores and catalogue all parts we have in stock. We are seeking help in clearing vegetation to enable spares to be moved safely if you can help please contact either John Stephens by email - or Jonny Stevenson by email -    

Finally I wish to thank the following for their assistance today; Jonathan Stevenson, Mike Hirst, Mike Marren, Paul Morris, Dave Greenwood, James Bottomley, Mark Hornby, Derek Gibson & Andy Hardman. 

More news soon.


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