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Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Further Blow!!

Hello everyone again ..........................

News from engineering team work today.


Today we started the 6M/C1 exam on D335 and completed all the bogie lubrication work and tyre gauging and general underframe exam.

Items checked today are as follows:

  • General bogie exam and fracture check - none found.
  • All grease points on bogies lubricated and axlebox roller bearings.
  • Traction motor suspension tube and gearcase motak levels checked.
  • Blower and exhauster motors checked and cleaned.
  • Wheel profiles checked and gauged. 
  • All fluid levels checked and topped up.
  • Generator end turbo chargers -oil drained and refilled with fresh oil. 
  • One body side even got a polish too.
Now here come's the bad news during tyre gauging it was discovered that axles 3 is on 24mm flange height limit and axle 4 is the same which means D335 will require tyre turning ASAP. I estimate it will cost the CFPS a further £6000 pounds for the associated rail moves and tyre turning even if we use 345 to haul D335 to a wheel lathe. 

The loco will run on ELR diesel gala and the ELR's 1T57 (Fifteen Guinea Special) end of steam weekend at the end of July as planned but after that the loco will be stopped to prevent further wear on the flanges and preventing us from moving loco by rail on a one journey only arrangement.

 We have very little money in our coffers as all recent income has been spent on paying for 345's main generator and repair work at Barrowhill. 

We shall continue to carry out the exam work and keep loco in running order even just for shunting moves to prevent electrical equipment becoming damp.

This another setback we really could have done without and I once again appeal to you to support our society with financial donations or second hand books, model railway stock and magazines. 

A huge thank you to Eric Davies, Richard Clayton, Rob Purcell, Stuart Cawthray and our newest member of the team Joe Chester for their time today as always its very much appreciated. 


I am pleased to report that Mark Jopson and Seton Spencer have toiled away on 345 today and removed all the fuel pumps and injectors from 345's power unit so they can be sent to Colchester fuel injection as planned on Tuesday. 

Big thank you to Mark and Seton for their valiant efforts which enable me to carry out some of the other repairs on 345 tomorrow.

Richard and Rob Purcell at Bury also cleaned up and anti corrosive painted 4 cylinder liners in preparation for being installed into 345's engine during winter months.

John Stephens our stalwart chairman has also been at Barrowhill today running the society's sales stand.

 A Big thanks to John to for not only manning sales stand but taking Mark to Barrowhill so he could help Seton. 

New pictures added on today's activities on D335 at the bottom of the blog. 

Thanks for reading and more news soon.



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  1. Eric looks like he's doing his mother Theresa bit there.
    Good to see a power greaser down C&W. Should relieve the RSI from using the hand greasers.