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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Engineering Work this weekend

Hello again....

This weekend work will be carried out on both locomotives at Bury and Barrowhill.


Team 1 led by myself will be carrying out service check exam on D335 and hopefully if a pit is available underframe greasing and traction motor inspection. (Start of 6M/C1/C2 exam)

Team 2 - comprising of Seton Spencer and Mark Jopson

Will be working on 345 removing injectors and fuel pumps so they can be sent away to Colchester diesel injection. The injectors are being tested and checked over and fuel pumps are going for long overdue overhaul.

This is the most cost effective way of hopefully sorting low horsepower issue out without resorting to pulling engine apart. During last load banking session the exhaust temperatures where checked and they were found to be very inconsistent across each cylinder which generally indicates issues with fuel injection / pumps.


I will be attending Barrowhill to finish off removing fuel pumps and injectors on 345 if the team on Saturday do not manage to finish the work. I will hopefully have time to sorting out stuck low water level switch and replacing defective high water temperature Teddington probe switch.

The CFPS sales stand will be at Barrowhill on Saturday and Sunday as they are holding a family open day so if your near by please feel free and come and see us and hopefully one or two of our fine sales stand items may be of interest to you.

The fuel pump overhaul is likely to set the Society back a further £4,000 pounds so please donate anything you can spare to our cause as we really...... really need your support to get 345 fighting fit again.

Anyone interested please note D335 is rostered to work the Beer-ex on the Saturday 6th July of the ELR Diesel Gala departing Bury at 19:25. 50026 is on the other end.

Thanks in advance to Mark, Seton, Eric Davies & Richard Clayton for giving up their weekend at short notice.

Thank you in advance and more news soon.



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