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Monday, 24 June 2013

More news on 345

Hello everyone........ today further checks and tests have been carried out on 345 to determine cause of low engine output.

The peak compression tests have revealed that at least 5 cylinder lines have failed the peak compression test and will likely require to be stripped down and assessed.

With these faults there,s a number of small issues that can mount up into causing loss of engine output. It would seem that the engine fuel pumps may also be causing the issue as these have not been overhauled since the power units last works overhaul in 1980/81.

We will of course examine all possible causes before committing to stripping the engine down.

Another issue was found that low water level mobary switch has failed so this will require removal and repair to ensure this protective device works correctly.

A team will be working at the ELR this weekend for the following work:

  • Prepare D335 for Diesel Gala (Carry out Service Check Exam)
  • Cleaning and preparing engine components to give usable spares on shelf should we need them.
If you wish to get involved with our engineering team contact myself  by email at or

More news soon.



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