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Friday, 18 October 2013

335 and 345 News update.

Evening everyone ......

Here is an update on progress on 335/345 front.

Last weekend myself, Mark Hornby, Mark Jopson, John Stephens and James Bottomley were working on 345 progressing through a list of 50 items of repairs and testing prior to a visit by our VAB inspector now scheduled for 29th October where he will undertake inspection on 345 so she can re-gain her mainline certification.

Work last weekend comprised off the following:

  • Steam cleaning and refitting rocker covers and fuel pump covers after fuel pump and injector overhauls.
  • Control cubicle checking over and cleaning.
  • Repairs to faulty OTMR pressure sensor.
  • Testing of GSMR radio after replacing faulty speaker.
  • Testing of NRN equipment.
  • Continuation of exam work.
  • Investigation into faulty screen washers. 
  • Removal of main generator ammeters for Calibration as they were both reading low during load bank tests.
  • Load regulator resistors checked and cleaned.
  • Various small jobs like securing loose engine room door handles and freeing off radiator shutters. 

This Saturday another work party is scheduled to attend Barrowhill to continue with work on 345.

Items we are looking at this week are:

  • Full brake test
  • OTMR test and data analysis.
  • TPWS test.
  • Continuation of repair work including window washer repairs.
  • Refitting of floor panels near to main generator.
  • Re-labeling cab desk and controls
  • Cab signage.  
It does not seem much when you read this but I can assure you its a long and laborious jobs completing these tests but they are part of routine safety tests to ensure safety of the people who travel behind the loco.

I am also pleased to inform you that moves are booked with WCRC to transport D335 and 345 to London Midland depot at Tyseley for tyre turning the moves are booked to take place on Monday 4th November. This will be confirmed nearer the time and timings will be posted. 

Here's the bad news!!!! and we need your help.

345 certification for mainline running : £1500.00
Fuel for the moves: £1400.00
Movement costs:£ 2000.00
UAT costs for D335: £650.00
Tyre Turning costs: £5500.00
Speedo re-calibration after Tyre turning: £250

Grand Total: £11,300.00
 As you can see by the costings above to keep our machines running costs a great deal of money and effort. Our sales team does a sterling job raising funds to help our cause as do many of our members by donation of money or items we can sell. 

I am appealing to you all to dig deep in your pockets and assist us in anyway with donations big or small to achieve our target to get 335 working again and 345 fighting fit for CFPS charter work. We are so close to achieving it after a three year slog of bad news and set backs.......

Finally a big thanks to John Stephens, Mark Hornby, James Bottomley, Mark Jopson for their assistance last weekend. John and James have both been busy all this week as well, James has continued the exam and repair work on 345 after finishing work with HNRC working well after 9 pm some nights.

 John has been picking up parts and materials we require to get 345 finished off as well as sorting out Whistler mags, sorting the accounts out for the AGM, organizing and collecting sales stand stock for the CFPS sales stand at ELR's steam gala this weekend as well as day to day running of our society.  

Further update next week.

Thanks for your support so far.............!!



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