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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

345/ 335 update and more good news...........

Evening everyone ..........

I have some more good news to report and another step forward to 345 returning to the mainline once again. 


Firstly progress over the last week on list of work has been greatly progressed, with only low priority jobs now remaining thanks to the efforts of James Bottomley, Seton Spencer, Carl Holt, Mark Jopson, John Stephens and myself.

Last Sunday the gang got together and tackled the following:

  • Loco was re brake blocked ready for tyre turning.
  • Traction motor gearcases all checked and topped up as required.
  • All traction motors checked again prior to running, all were in good order.
  • Calibrated Ammeters were refitted to both cab desks.
  • Air leak on engine compartment air tank on A side cured.
  • Brake test and OTMR test fully completed.
  • Missing cab safety signs installed.
  • Underframe exam and final inspection done.  

Today our Vehicle Acceptance Body has carried out an engineering inspection on 345 at Barrowhill and I am pleased to report the loco flew through the inspection with only 2 minor corrective actions which will be attended to this Saturday along with Fitness to Run exam for movement this Monday coming. 

After the inspection the loco was positioned ready for a delivery of fuel by road tanker due Weds or Thurs. A big thanks to East Lancs Railway in particular Paul Bonello and David Layland for arranging it. 


Last week D335 was put over the pit at the Carriage Works at Bury and the loco was fully re-blocked and all underframe levels checked and topped up as needed. Under frame inspection which revealed two body to bogie air hoses were defective and required replacement. These were replaced next day. 

All the bogies were greased and FTR completed ready for movement to the wheel lathe. 
My next job after completing the blog update is to complete the necessary paperwork for D335 to be given a transit move certificate to allow movement over Network Rail. 

Thanks to Seton Spencer and Rory Lushman for there help

I can now present the full picture to you what will be happening and when.

Monday 4th November 2013  
(note its just short of 3 years by only 7 days since 345 arrived at Barrowhill for repairs)

D9009 will haul D335 from Bury to Barrowhill on arrival 345 will be attached to the consist. 345 will then  haul D9009 and D335 from Barrowhill to Tyseley TMD.

The consist will remain there to allow all three locomotives to be tyre turned and the necessary checks after tyre turning to be undertaken. These being as follows:

  • Speedometer re-calibration.
  • AWS/ TPWS aerial/ receiver height check.
  • Brake adjustment.
  • Safety Guard height check.
  • Buffer heights check. 

Friday the 8th November 2013 

345 will haul D9009 and D335 back to Barrowhill dropping D9009 off at home base then continuing on home to the East Lancs Railway. 

Saturday 8th November 2013

I am hopefully going to arrange for 345 to work one or two trains on Saturday 9th November 2013 as part of the CFPS annual general meeting I will let you all know if this is going to happen next week.

There are few outstanding items of repairs to do on 345 but these will attended to over the winter but I for one will be glad to see her back home. 

Timings are below for loco moves next week.

Castleton Hopwood Gf 0800
Castleton North Jn 0803-0813
Castleton 0840-0842
Rochdale 0844
Rochdale East Jn 0845
Littleborough 0853
Hall Royd Jn 0903
Hebden Bridge 0907
Milner Royd Jn 0917
Greetland Jn 0919
Bradley Wood Jn 0924
Heaton Lodge East Jn 0926
Mirfield East Jn 0928
Thornhill L.N.W. Jn. 0929
Horbury Jn 0940
Wakefield Kirkgate 0943
Calder Bridge Jn 0944
Crofton West Jn 0946
Hare Park Junction 0949
South Kirkby Jn 0957
Moorthorpe 0957
Swinton (S.Yorks) 1013
Aldwarke Jn 1015
Masborough Jn 1018
Treeton Jn 1022
Beighton Jn 1024
Barrow Hill North Jn 1032
Barrow Hill South Jn. 1034-1038
Barrow Hill L.I.P. 1052

Barrow Hill L.I.P. 1340
Barrow Hill South Jn. 1347-1352
Barrow Hill North Jn 1355-1359
Tapton Jn 1411
Chesterfield 1411
Chesterfield South Jn 1412
Clay Cross North Jn 1414
Ambergate Jn 1431
Derby 1443-1445
Sunnyhill 1448-1516
Stenson Jn 1519
North Stafford Jn 1520
Clay Mills Jn 1524
Burton-on-trent 1533-1541
Wichnor Jn 1548
Tamworth 1556
Kingsbury Jn 1602
Water Orton 1608
Water Orton West Jn 1610
Castle Bromwich Jn 1612
Washwood Heath West Jn 1626
Landor Street Jn 1629
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) 1631
Bordesley Jn 1635
Small Heath South Jn 1638
Tyseley T.M.D. 1640
08/11/13 Loco Transfer - Tyseley to Barrow Hill (55009 40135 40145)0Z43

Tyseley T.M.D. 1026
Small Heath South Jn 1028
Bordesley Jn 1033
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) 1034
Landor Street Jn 1036
Castle Bromwich Jn 1043
Water Orton West Jn 1045
Water Orton 1046
Kingsbury Jn 1051
Tamworth 1056
Wichnor Jn 1103
Burton-on-trent 1109
Clay Mills Jn 1115
North Stafford Jn 1118
Stenson Jn 1119
Derby 1125-1131
Ambergate Jn 1143
Clay Cross North Jn 1154
Chesterfield South Jn 1154
Chesterfield 1155
Tapton Jn 1156
Barrow Hill South Jn. 1201-1205
Barrow Hill L.I.P. 1219
08/11/13 Loco Transfer - Barrow Hill to ELR (40135 40145)

Barrow Hill L.I.P. 1350
Barrow Hill South Jn. 1355-1400
Barrow Hill North Jn 1402
Beighton Jn 1407
Treeton Jn 1408
Masborough Jn 1412
Aldwarke Jn 1415
Swinton (S.Yorks) 1420
Moorthorpe 1427
South Kirkby Jn 1428
Hare Park Junction 1435
Crofton West Jn 1438
Calder Bridge Jn 1439
Wakefield Kirkgate 1441-1447
Horbury Jn 1459
Mirfield East Jn 1526
Heaton Lodge Jn 1532
Huddersfield 1537-1550
Marsden 1558
Diggle Jn 1604
Greenfield 1607
Stalybridge 1613
Ashton Moss North Jn 1617
Baguley Fold Jn 1621
Philips Park West Jn 1627
Brewery Junction 1637
Thorpes Bridge Jn 1640
Vitriol Works 1642
Castleton East Jn 1650
Castleton 1651-1655
Castleton East Jn 1707-1712
Castleton North Jn 1724-1729
Castleton Hopwood Gf 1733

Thanks to West Coast Railway Company for organizing and arranging the moves.  

We still need your continued support to help achieve getting both loco's in to tip top condition. 

More news soon.....


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