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Thursday, 3 October 2013

345 Update ...... Good News!!!!!

Evening All

Having only just got home this evening from Barrowhill I have good news to report........

Due to some swift planning by the staff at HNRC yesterday tonight we have been able to load bank 345.
I am pleased to report that the low power issue has been resolved due to installation of overhauled pumps and injectors.

The loco is now developing 1800 horsepower to the rail which is slightly up from the workshop overhaul spec of 1765 horsepower.  The loco performed at full power for over 30 minutes and the results were getting better as time went on.

A few minor fuel leaks need to resolved and work can now turn to the completion of the maintenance examination and VAB inspection for mainline certification.

We do need to get the thermostatic bypass valves overhauled but these can be attended to on the Loco's return to the ELR.

I will upload onto the blog tomorrow evening some footage of the loco being put through her paces.

Thanks to the staff at HNRC, Shaun Wright, James Bottomley and John Stephens for their assistance....

Cheers for now


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