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Saturday, 5 October 2013

345 load bank tests and hectic few weeks to come.

Hello again........

Unfortunately I have been unable to upload the video foot from Thursday's load bank trials with 345 after several attempts the video refuses to play.

We now have a few hectic weeks ahead finishing off maintenance work and iron out a few niggling issues.

Today - James Bottomley has spent the day re-connecting traction cables after load banking and the loco can now be moved under its own power again.

Work still to complete is as follows:

  • No.2 end straight air brake valve to replace as blowing through.
  • No.1 end NRN aerial base to replace.
  • Brake pressure transducer part of the OTMR system requires repair / replacement.
  • Maintenance exam to complete around 60% completed.
  • Mainline re-registration examination and certification.
  • Loco to re-block after tyre turning.
  • Speedo Calibration after tyre turning.
Tyre turning plans.................

It is hoped that week commencing 14/10/2013 D9009 which going back home to Barrowhill will haul D335 from the East Lancs Railway to Barrowhill where it will stable for around 14 days whilst repairs and maintenance work is completed. 

D9009 also requires tyre turning so once 345 is fully fit it will haul D9009 and 335 to the wheel lathe facility which will act as loaded test run. 

Once turning is completed and necessary inspections and tests after tyre turning, its then planned for 345 to haul the three loco's back to Barrowhill dropping off D9009 and then 335 and 345 will return home to the ELR. 

Thank you to the Deltic Preservation Society for their help and support.

There is a possibility that we will not be able to have one of our loco's running for the CFPS Annual General Meeting on 9th November. But it would be great if they are both home by then so 345 can run with another loco for heat and show our members how the dosh or goods  they have donated have been put to good use. 

If you wish to get involved with the CFPS as we desperately need more help and support in both the engineering teams and sales teams please get in touch by email using the addresses below.

Finally Thank you James for your efforts today on 345. 




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